Hello and welcome to Lostboyfan. We are happy you are here and delighted to tell you that you will have an awesome time here. Feel free to look around and make yourself at home. Our website will give you information on who we are, who runs it, and what we do here. The videos we do here are small animated cartoons and theme park media. We mostly do the theme park videos but once in awhile we will have some cartoons up as well. Also (once in awhile) we will film at other theme parks as well.

Our main area on our site is the “Media Room”. In that area you can watch all videos that were made by Lostboyfan Production Team. It is also the place where you can listen to our podcasts and photos as well.

Watch Our Introduction Video

Video Coming Soon………..

Why should you follow us? Well the reason is quite simple, the reason you should follow Lostboyfan is because we are a small production group that is not cocky and cares about its fanbase, Has a volunteer service where you can sign up and work closely with the Lostboyfan staff members, and always tries to make everyone feel right at home. Plus we also don’t tell people that we are the best because we just do our own thing and work as team on here.


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