Radiator Springs Racers – Work In Progress

So I had finally had time to complete this video. It was filmed last year (2013) when Lostboyfan took a trip/meet up at the Disneyland Resort in California.

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Learn How To Draw ‘Frozen’s’ Anna at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Hey Everyone! Want to lean how to draw ‘Frozen’s’ Anna? Now you can in Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. Watch the video to see more.

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Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket Music Video (Limp Bizkit) – Robby & Luke – Universal Studios Florida

Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket

A short video of Robby & Luke on Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket ride at Universal Studios Florida. However Lostboyfan did not make this video. Robby bought it from Universal Studios and thought he would put it on the LBF Youtube page.

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Lostboyfan Going Into Lock-Down

Before anyone freaks out let me start by saying that this is not a bad thing. This just means that some parts of the website shutting doors right now.

I think maybe I should explain too. The reason we are going into lock down is because all of us are busy at the moment. As much as we would like to make videos a podcasts. We really can’t find the time right now however we will still post News on our website, facebook, twitter to keep you all updated on events and stuff. We will still post short videos on all of our social pages and shoot some photos also.

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Lostboyfan Updates – June 2014

Before I begin with anything. I’m sure a lot of you are wondering where all of the May videos are. Well I have some bad news about that. The problem is that we are all busy again and really haven’t had the time to sit down a look at everything. That’s why only one video was posted in May because of all of us being on tight schedules. So for this month only two videos will be post on our youtube page. I know its not a lot but you all have to understand that its hard to do this stuff when you have life issues holding you back.

However we do have a plan for next year. Most of the stuff that was filmed this year will not be released until next year. The reason for this is because we want to look at all of the footage and take our time with it. In other worlds we want to make it more professional. This also goes for podcasts too.

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